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Find the perfect at-home Mat Pilates Series with a Pilates Program. 

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It’s a little different here

Instead of following a single approach, choose a Pilates program that aligns with your goals, lifestyle, fitness level, and energetic state.

Life is constantly changing, and your Pilates routine should adapt to fit into your life so that you can continue to get the benefits of Pilates. 


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Pick from one of these Programs


Choose from one of these programs.

what members have to say

I go back to the Principles of Pilates time and time again. It’s wonderful to refresh my body’s memory of the different exercises while focusing on the components of the Principles.


I enjoyed the ROCK Your Roll program because it’s broken down into easy steps. I appreciated being able to repeat each week, allowing me to reinforce my progress while maintaining momentum.


Starting with the Foundations Program has had a remarkable impact on my Pilates practice. It’s amazing how much more aligned, stronger, and confident I feel after completing the classes. 


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Different Plans, Same Great Membership

No matter the plan, you get access to the same content.
With the Annual Plan you get over 2 months for free!





What an absolute game changer for my practice, it’s so accessible. I’ve been practicing Pilates for about 8 years but found Trifecta Pilates on YouTube. Joining the membership is the best investment I”ve ever made! A yearly membership for the price of 10 in person classes. I get to practice daily now (if I want) and honestly I enjoy it so much more. I think it’s because all pressure is gone now! I practice for me and me alone.



The only Pilates Membership & App that focuses on NEURO-SOMATIC PILATES

Neuro-Somaatic Pilates emphasizes the connection between the mind and body.

It incorporates knowledge of physical conditioning and exercises with an awareness of the nervous system’s energy state.

The combination enables one to engage with Pilates movements and classes that enhance body strength, improve mobility, sustain motivation, and alleviate stress.

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Beyond a Pilates Series, all classes easily searchable by length, level, pace, focus, and style. 



Breathing or meditation classes.


Nourishing or stretching sessions.


Slower classes to refine your practice.


Rhythmic sequences for mind body.


High energy days, strength workouts.

Inside the Trifecta Pilates Membership you get

programs and calendars

This is a Membership that grows with you. Choose the option that’s best for you today.


Short 10 minute sessions to full length workouts. Move with the Pilates classes that fit into your life. 

pilates tutorials and tips

View the short exercise reviews or Pilates tips to move optimally with the Pilates method. 


Move with the monthly live themed Pilates workouts. Can’t make it live? All replays available. 


Connect with like-minded movers via the private group and during the monthly Ask Me Anything Q&A Sessions. 


Meditations & plant based recipes to support what your life beyond workouts. 

Activate your FREE trial and begin a Trifecta Pilates Program

Different Plans, Same Great Membership

No matter the plan, you get access to the same content.
With the Annual Plan you get over 2 months for free!





I love the Membership because it feels like Beth is in my Living Room Mat space with me. It feels like one to one. Beth’s philosophy is unique and really hits home. The class variations are incredible so there’s always something for me every day. I mix it up all the time. I will never return to another Pilates Studio because I don’t get the same benefits or experience. 


Meet your Pilates Teacher, Beth Sandlin

Even when I worked in a Pilates studio, I would workout at home. Juggling a job with 2 kids it just made sense. I could fit in workouts during naptime or many times they would play in the basement while I did my Pilates session.

After years of thinking I would take the traditional route and open a Pilates studio I realized it wasn’t authentic to how I moved with Pilates because as soon as I had kids I primarily did home workouts. Now over 15 years later I can honestly say working out at home is just as effective, and more convenient than going to the Pilates Studio or Gym. 

On the inside of the Membership easily find the classes, Pilates series, exercise tutorials, or tips to support your home Pilates practice.

I can’t wait for you to move with a Pilates Program (or do your own thing!) within the Membership & App.


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