LIVE WORKSHOP | FRI, Sept 15th | 10am MT


How to Optimize Your Workouts by moving in Alignment with Your Brain, Body & Nervous System

Increase motivation, improve physical and mental health by applying the strategies taught during this exclusive workshop.

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Neuro-Somatic Pilates
emphasizes the connection between the mind and body.

It incorporates knowledge of physical conditioning and exercises with an awareness of the nervous system's energy state. The combination enables one to engage with Pilates movements and classes that enhance body strength, improve mobility, sustain motivation, and alleviate stress.

What you'll learn in the workshop....

  • The 5 aspects of Physical fitness to maintain well-being today and in the future.
  • How the nervous system's automatic response to stress impact workouts, and strategies to work in harmony with the nervous system for optimal results.
  • Personalized ways to exercise with brain and body for maximum benefits and motivation.

Ready to TUNE IN and learn about Neuro-Somatic Pilates?

For All Skill Levels

No matter how long you've been moving with Pilates or workouts, this workshop will benefit your practice by learning how to tune in (and not ignore) the signals your body is sending you.

Based On Facts

This workshop was designed utilizing the latest research for a workout plan that emphasizes customization for maximum advantages. It incorporates up-to-date knowledge of the mind-body connection by taking into account the autonomic nervous system, rather than solely relaying on breathing techniques to sooth stress.

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OPTIONS: Join the live session on May 17th at 11am MT or watch the replay.


I'm Beth Sandlin

I'm a mom of two and cancer survivor who focuses on exercise routines for maintaining well-being grounded in a practical plan that incorporates the latest research on physical fitness and the nervous system, my own personal Pilates practice, and working with numerous people. It would be great to connect with you!

If you've thought...

I want an effective workout plan that will inspire me to get moving and stay motivated.

I'm considering taking a break from exercise, but I'm worried about losing progress.

Is my current Pilates routine is providing any real benefits, or should I be doing something else.

It's the perfect time to TUNE IN and learn about Neuro-Somatic Pilates.

Beth sitting and journaling