Continuing Education

Trauma Informed Training for Pilates Instructors

This continuing education course is designed for current Pilates Professionals and focuses on a Trauma-Informed approach to teaching Pilates. At the foundation of Trauma-Informed best practice is to understand that anyone we teach may have a past or current experience with trauma that can impact their lives AND a Pilates session.

The course will introduce you:

The prevalence and impacts of trauma, how trauma can manifest in a Pilates session, best practices for teaching Pilates using a Trauma Informed Approach. To make the program accessible from anywhere in the world, it will combine online learning modules and virtual training sessions.

Get the FREE Guide to understand and explore this topic as it relates to teaching Pilates. Joseph Pilates wrote about connection of the body, mind and spirit. The Trauma Informed perspective honors this philosophy. Through this training we can shift our teaching style to be more inclusive helping our clients, and help us to be more effective teachers.

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