A pilates membership for body and soul

for people who are over a quick fix and want sustainable workouts to strengthen the body so they can chase their kids at the park all the way through celebrating life’s milestones.



Focus on Pilates workouts to build muscle and bone strength.


Pilates moves the body through a large range of motion to maintain or gain mobility.


A regular practice helps you feel more comfortable, confident, and capable in your body.


It’s a place to quiet your mind and release stress.


Feel happier, more optimistic, and elevated after your Pilates sessions.


Workouts don’t need to be extreme or endless to be effective. In fact only moving with the most challenging classes and long workouts are what set so many people up for burnout (or worse injury). That’s why we focus on motivating movement sessions that benefit you today. Watch the video below for a peek inside of the Membership Experience.

At Trifecta Pilates we value that all movement matters, including:

☑️  Moving with the classes that benefit you today, and that’s not always the hardest workout.

☑️  Focusing on uplifting and sustainable Workout and Wellness actions, not a quick fix.

☑️  Finding the best program for your goals so you look forward to working out.

Since I’ve been doing Pilates with Beth, I’m stronger and have more energy through the day. I feel and look great. 


Inside the Trifecta Pilates Membership you get…

programs and calendars

This is a Membership that grows with you. Choose the option that’s best for you today.


Short 10 minute sessions to full length workouts. Move with the Pilates classes that fit into your life. 

pilates tutorials and tips

View the short exercise reviews or Pilates tips to move optimally with the Pilates method. 

support and more, like

Meditations, recipes, live sessions (replays available), and a community that embraces where you are. 

All classes easily categorizeed by length, level and style. 



Breathing or meditation classes.


Nourishing or stretching sessions.


Slower classes to refine your practice.


Rhythmic sequences for mind body.


High energy days, strength workouts.

How we approach Pilates with the Trifecta Pillars of Pilates

When you focus on all that you do that elevates your life beyond workouts, the pressure comes off of having the perfect workout plan. At Trifecta Pilates we focus on what you’re already doing that supports your life, along with finding what you up want to try next. It’s not about doing it all, but doing what lights you up in the 3 Pillars of Pilates.  

Beth in balance control back exercise wearing black top and blue leggings.


Pilates can strengthen, stretch and mobilize the body all in one workout. You’ll feel better and be more motivated to step back on your mat for your next Pilates session.

Fresh fruits, veggies and nuts.


Pilates can be so much more than a good workout… Fuel your body and feed your soul with nourishing Pilates sessions, plant based recipes and meditations classes.

Bouncing on trampoline with confetti


Connect to the pleasure of life with a consistent Pilates practice. Take the pressure off of workouts. And sure, there are playful Pilates routines, but it’s also about take time to enjoy life!

My relationship with my body has changed completely. I enjoy the experience as it unfolds. Workouts don’t stress me anymore.

– Tanie

A few ways to know if our philiosphy at Trifecta Pilates is right for you: 

Beth in Pilates Mermaid wearing teal top and black leggings with purple-blue gradient overlay

Your Pilates practice is personal…

◆ If you got 10 minutes 2 days a week, start there.
If you can’t do an exercise, there’s a different variation to move with or even an exercise substition.

Movement should feel good, be good for you, and lift you up. This is what Pilates is all about!

Beth in Pilates Mermaid wearing teal top and black leggings with purple-blue gradient overlay

Aging strong is important to you:

What we do now helps in the present and in the future.

Along with proper nutrtion, moving with a well-rounded Pilates workout program can contribute to muscular strength and bone density. This is why there are different styles and levels of Pilates workouts.

Beth in Pilates Mermaid wearing teal top and black leggings with purple-blue gradient overlay

You want a realistic plan that works:

◆ Come as you are and embrace what you can do.
At Trifecta Pilates we take in account your life. Stress, trauma, hormones, time.. they all can impact your workouts.

Workouts can postively influence your body and soul. All movement matters, it’s a matter of what lifts you up. If that’s Pilates, join us on the inside. 

All movement matters, join us on the inside!

Different Plans,


No matter the plan you choose, you’ll get access to the same content. With the Annual Plan you get over 2 months for free!



best value



 Meet Your Pilates Teacher

Beth smiling leaning against brick wall wearing purple shirt and blue jeans

Hi I’m Beth, and I’ve been teaching Pilates since 2004, and taught thousands of students in person and virtually. After all these years teaching and moving with Pilates still lights me up!

Being a cancer survivor I’m here to live life to the fullest and find pleasure in each day. Moving with Pilates has made this a reality.

I don’t hold onto what worked well in the past or wish for that perfect schedule when fitting in workouts is easy.

I know what you do now shapes your future. 

I’m a make it work person. I anchor myself in the present. Doing what makes sense in this season of life. Sometimes it’s a kick a** workout, other times it’s a nourishing session.

If you’re ready to take the next step with Pilates, I can’t wait for you to join us on the inside!


Pilates has given me a greater all-around strength and well-being, allowing me to be even stronger in my activities and daily life.

– Lori

Trifecta Pilates Membership Q & A

What are the benefits of Pilates?

With a well-rounded Pilates workout program it can develop or maintain strength, flexibility, mobility and balance. And most members keep coming back to the mat becuase a consistent practice also helps to reduce stress. 

I'm new to Pilates, is this a good fit?

Yes. There are a variety of classes to choose from, including beginner and level 1 classes. In addition, members have access to the Foundations Workout Program and the 4-Week Pilates for Beginners Series. You’ll also get extra support with the Group Calls.

I've been moving with Pilates for years, will this challenge me?

Totally! There are people in the Membership who have been moving with Pilates for over 20 years including Pilates teachers. There are begginer through advanced level classes and different types of Pilates sessions.

Do I need special equipment?

The main piece of equipment used is a Pilates mat. There are additional workouts that feature small pieces of at-home equipment. Additional suggestions are provided if you don’t have the equipment.

What's the difference between the Trifecta Pilates YouTube Workouts and the Membership?

The membership includes over 200 members only classes, specialized Pilates training plans, guidance from Beth and so much more! It’s Pilates with a plan, structure, motivation and support to get the most benefits from your at-home Pilates practice.

What if I can't make a live class?

Because we have members from across the world, most members can’t attend live. For any Pilates Workouts taught live, the replays are available. You can submit your questions and Beth will answer them. You’ll have access to the time stamped replay so you can easily find the response to your questions.

Any contracts of commitments?

As a member you can cancel your membership at anytime before the renewal date directly within the Membership Portal under ACCOUNT and by clicking on the Subscriptions Tab.

Will the price increase in the future?

Your Member Price is locked in as long as you stay an active member! You keep the same rate no matter how much the price goes up in the future!

Is there an app with the Membership?

The app is currently in development. Lock in your member rate today and join people from around the world who access the Membership via the private Membership Portal. 

All movement matters, join us on the inside!

We have flexible plans that work for you. 



best value



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