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From short to full length classes with equipment and without, the membership offers more workouts to meet your needs.

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Move with the plan that's best for you ranging from Foundational Level to Advanced classes.

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Find your most optimal exercise variation with helpful tutorials and live Q&A Group Calls and Classes.

The Ultimate Membership for effective and fun Pilates Workouts.

Choose the workouts and program to deepen your Pilates Practice for more effective workouts.

"Since I've been doing Pilates with Beth, I am stronger, have more energy through the day, and more self confidence. I recognize (and even believe it!) that it matters more how I physically feel than how I look. And the great thing is, if I feel good physically, then I feel like I look good ."


"I love returning to exercises that were almost impossible in the beginning. Now my execution is correct and they are only a bit challenging! Pilates has given me a greater all-around strength and well-being, allowing me to be even stronger in my activities and in daily life."

- Lori

"The Trifecta Pilates Membership has contributed greatly to my Pilates practice! The abundant supply of resources has taught me so much. And because of that, I'm continually able to grow and progress. I feel like my body belongs to me in a way I’ve never known!"

- Michaela

Every moment of your life can be the beginning of great things!

-Joseph Pilates

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