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Trauma Informed Care Pilates Course

A brain-body professional development course for Pilates teachers who want to offer their clients a Trauma-Informed experience.

The Trauma Informed Pilates Approach (TIPA) is an online program for current Pilates teachers focusing on understanding the nervous system, and applying a trauma informed care framework when teaching the Pilates method.

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By Module 1, I already learned more than I expected to, without it being overwhelming. The program was structured so that it was motivating and easy to complete. It gave me the science behind using a Trauma-Informed Approach and the mind-body connection. I am more confident than ever that and my clients feel more empowered too.


Inside the Trauma Informed Pilates Approach course, we’re learning

☑️ To develop a broad scope and understanding of trauma – never diagnosing.

☑️ How to hold space for clients instead of being triggered by what we perceive as rude behavior.

☑️ A framework for understanding trauma that can be applied to teaching in endless ways.

☑️ Best practices for helping our clients decide instead of deciding for them ourselves.

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trauma and Pilates

Trauma is the loss of power and control.

Pilates is a system that’s built on core connection, power and control, and mind-body connection. What better place to help someone affected by trauma regain their power and control?

Pilates isn’t a rigid system of exercises that are only done one way. Our teaching is flexible and adaptable.

A Trauma-Informed Approach to Pilates is exactly the same. It’s not a “check-the-box” education, but instead, a broad framework that we’re always trying to apply to our practice.

The good news? It’s not something you have to “get right.” It’s about having a deeper understanding of how trauma affects those around us and always applying what you’re learning to how you teach, interact, and communicate with your clients.

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What is Trauma-Informed Pilates?

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People experience all kinds of trauma in life that affect how we interact with and respond to others.

When a Pilates teacher learns about how trauma affects people, and then applies what they learn to how they teach, that is Trauma-Informed Pilates.

It doesn’t mean changing the entire way you teach, or falling into guilt and shame that you’ve been doing everything wrong.

A Trauma-Informed approach often means doing small, simple things to give the student power.

Trauma-Informed Pilates means a better, more uplifting experience for students and teachers. 

After completing the course, I has changed the flow and energy of my classes. I have more clients asking if they can bring their family members to class because they feel safe.


The Traima Informed Pilates Approach Course Includes

Trauma Informed Pilates Approach Course

MODULE 1 -Trauma Informed Care & Pilates

Begin by learning the 4 R’s of a Trauma Informed Care framework and how a trauma informed approach compliments the Pilates Method.

MODULE 2 – Understanding Trauma

Learn different classifications of trauma to moving beyond a simple definition of trauma, this section is essential to have a greater understanding of trauma.

MODULE 3 – Impacts of Trauma

From brain to body, mind to behavior, there are many impacts of trauma. Learn the many different impacts and how these may manifest in a Pilates session.

MODULE 4 – Core Principles of TIC

This section highlights the 6 principles of Trauma Informed Care and how to apply them when you teach Pilates.

MODULE 5 – Communication Strategies

Communication can be negatively impacted by trauma and miscommunication is common. This section teaches how to maintain boundaries and safety while communicating with people.

MODULE 6 – Trauma Informed Teaching

Combine all of the information you’ve learned in the prior lessons and put it in action with Trauma Informed Care teaching specifically for the Pilates Method.


Pilates class



Although there is no one way to use and implement a trauma informed care framework when teaching Pilates, sample classes are included to enhance the learning expereince and for additonal inspiration. 

person journaling



Delve into a deeper understanding of client experiences by learning about and doing the empathy mapping activity. This can be applied to specific clients or to the general population. 

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Self Care Essentials

There is a high prevelence of burnout with Pilates teachers. Learn simple and practical self-preservation strategies to thrive as a Pilates teacher.

It was so valuable that I had the other Pilates teachers who work at my studio enroll in the course. I would recommend TIPA to any Pilates teacher or studio owner.


Before there was no program to explain how to make classes more inclusive to those who deal with trauma. After the course, I feel more confident than ever. 


As a survivor I wish this was a requirement for all Pilates teachers. The course was easy to follow, felt liberating, and helped me as a Pilates teacher and person. 


Got questions? Here’s what other Pilates teachers asked before they joined the Course.

What is the format of the course?

The program is 100% online via a private training platform. It includes video lessons and associated materials at no extra cost. 

Who is this for?

All current Pilates teachers whether comphrensive or mat, classically trained or other. All Pilates teachers are welcomed, and encouraged to take the course?

How long does the course take?

This is really personal. It’s encouraged to complete 1 module a week. There are 6 primary modules with a Getting Started Unit and bonus material to compliment the core lessons. 

Does it offer CEC's

Yes, 12 NCPT CEC’s are awarded when successfully completing the course. All participants receive a Certificate of Completion after the course. 

Does this mean I can treat trauma or say I can heal trauma?

No. Trauma Informed Care is not about healing or treating trauma. Lessons include scope of practice, creating a referral network, and understanding the difference between trauma informed and trauma specific services. 

How do I enroll?

Enrollment is online via the links provided on this page. 

What if I have additional questions?

Email support@trifectapilates.com or submit an interest application form. 

Does trauma-informed mean we’re treating trauma?

Being Trauma-Informed means we may adjust how we interact, speak, and work with our clients. It’s not our job to treat it, and it doesn’t help to ignore it either. We simply accept that trauma exists for many people, and do what we can to make our actions and words less harmful and more supportive for anyone who may be affected by trauma.

Meet Your Trauma-Informed Pilates Teacher

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Hi, I’m Beth, founder and teacher at Trifecta Pilates.

I had been a Pilates teacher for 7 years, but never felt like I had enough education to really impact my clients in the way I wanted to.

Through professional connections with college organizations, I realized what was missing from my Pilates education: a trauma-informed approach.

Students dealing with different types of trauma were getting help from campus organizations, but elsewhere they weren’t getting the support they needed. I knew many of these people would end up in a Pilates class just like mine.

In 2013 I started researching. I found resources for trauma-informed yoga but I wanted a Pilates-specific training. It just didn’t exist.

I used the education and knowledge I had from creating trauma-informed frameworks for other organizations and started applying it to our practice. In 2019 the Trauma-Informed Pilates Approach course was created!

My background in health education, Pilates, and trauma are rolled up into this effective training for Pilates teachers. I’m so honored to spread this work through the Pilates world.


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