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“Honor the past, look forward to the future, embrace the present.”

-Beth Sandlin

Move with Pilates in a way that suits your individual needs and preferences while benefiting bone density, muscular strength, mobility, and overall balance. It’s not just a workout, it’s about enjoying what your life and what you love.


Trifecta Pilates was founded to expand the reach of the Pilates Method by creating an engaging online community.

The emphasis of Trifecta Pilates is about taking a holistic approach that remains faithful to Joseph Pilates’ original work, while incorporating the latest knowledge of physical conditioning, the nervous system, and total wellness. 

Trifecta Pilates provides you with options, ranging from effective at-home Pilates workouts to teacher training programs, that align with your current Pilates practice and goals. 

I’m Beth Sandlin, founder of Trifecta Pilates.

My style of Pilates is about doing what works today, and that’s not always the hardest Pilates workout. It’s finding the classes, variations, and programs that are best for you, and light you up – because life’s too short not to enjoy what you’re doing.

Pilates is the path I use to live my best life. 

If my 20+ years of moving with Pilates and being a health educator has taught me anything, it’s this:

  • Pilates is about the process. Quick fixes don’t work with workouts or wellness.
  • What worked in the past, may or may not work today. Focus on what works today.
  • Find what lights you up. If you don’t enjoy your workouts, you won’t do them.
Beth smiling looking to the side sitting on floor wearing black workout clothes and white jacket.

Professional Experience

  • BS in Health Education in 2003 from Cal State Long Beach
  • Comprensive Pilates certifcation in 2004 from Body Arts and Science International
  • Pilates Teacher, Health Educator, and former University Health Assistant Director and Adjunct Professor
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Health Coach, and  200-hour Yoga Teacher.

I’m passionate about creating programs, classes, and resources that meet you where you are so you can feel good. 

There are various ways to interact with Trifecta Pilates, giving you multiple options to choose from.

At-Home Pilates Workouts

Move with effective home Pilates mat workouts and easy to follow programs.

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For Aspiring Pilates Teachers

100-hour Pilates Mat Teacher Training, online lessons with interactive live sessions.

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Current Pilates Teachers

Earn 12 NCPT-CEC’s with the Trauma Informed Pilates Approach Course.

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Beth with a shaved head because of cancer treatment


As I was going through cancer treatment I made a promise… If I recover I’m going to everything I can to be healthy AND I need to enjoy it to. Life’s too short to hate your workouts. That’s why I fell in love with Pilates.

After cancer treatment I began taking Pilates classes and it was just what I needed. A challenging workout on days I had energy, and a nourishing class on days I wasn’t feeling good.

Yet I when I first began teaching Pilates I fell into the trap of trying to teach and move with Pilates in a way that worked for other people. I felt like an imposter, and I wasn’t always enjoying the workouts.

After reading Joseph Pilates’ book, Return to Life, for the third time, it finally dawned on me that Pilates is more than just a good workout. It can also serve as a complete lifestyle system, enabling us to live our lives to the fullest and feel amazing.

Once I understood trauma and the nervous system I integrated this knowledge into my Pilates practice and experienced a significant transformation.  I enjoyed my workouts more and they were more benefitical. Additionally, I adapted a new teaching techniques to support trauma survivors and the nervous system. 

We can’t stay stuck to what worked well in the past or wait for our schedules to free up.

Start where you are. Do what you can. Make gradual progress. It’s not about immediate results, the perfect body, or punishing workouts. Time is precious… Embrace today, and transform tomorrow!

I hope I see you on the mat soon.



Beth doing jack knife exercise

Beth’s manner and attitude in her instruction is absolutely perfect. She is so calm and welcoming that I feel at ease, but also so matter-of-fact that she’s easy to follow. 


I don’t just teach Pilates workouts,


I snack on chocolate, skip workouts without guilt, and if I’m not finding pleasure in life, I find a way to change that.

As an introvert home is my haven. I crave downtime at home including reading, and baking. Our house is a labor of love.

I love camping & hiking with my family, and have been slowly been working on green thumb. I’d rather lounge in the warm sun on the beach than ski down the Colorado slopes.

I can’t sew but I’m pretty wicked with a hot glue gun. I like making scrapbooks, and cross stitching.

Oh and here’s a gem… the first time I ever did Pilates it felt so weird I laughed, and didn’t try it again for a few years.

Beth laughing eating chocolate

I love Beth’s philosophy and style of delivery. I have progressed so much with my strength, balance and flexibility. 


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