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Hi! I’m Beth – founder and teacher at Trifecta Pilates.

There are plenty of workouts out there, so why Pilates? Mat Pilates is flexible and accommodating. You can have a slow, restorative workout or a challenging session to build strength – it’s completely customizable to what you need and want.

I was introduced to Pilates in my early 20s while in remission from cancer, and it was a game-changer. On days when I felt strong and wanted a challenge, I could do that. But on days when I barely had energy to lift my head, I could experience the benefits of a simple breathing class. There was always a Pilates class there to help me.

And through my Pilates practice, I found myself gaining strength, mental clarity, and feeling empowered. Pilates helped me restore and recover.

Later in life, I would rely on my Pilates practice to get me through two healthy pregnancies and a horrible appendicitis surgery. This flexible, adaptable system can truly be customized for any energy level, skill, or ability – it’s pretty incredible.


“I love Beth’s philosophy and style of delivery. I have progressed so much with my strength, balance, and flexibility.”


Professional Experience


I live in colorful Colorado. Being a California native snow was an adjustment! I obtainted my comprensive Pilates certifcation in 2004 from Body Arts and Science International, my Health Education degree from Cal State Long Beach. I’m also a certified Group Fitness Instructor and Health Coach. And I received my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 from the Little Yoga Studio in Boulder, Colorado.  I’m passionate about creating programs, classes, and resources that meet you where you are so you can feel good in body and soul.

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the little YOGA studio
Metropolitan State University of Denver


Beth’s manner and attitude in her instruction is absolutely perfect. She is so calm and welcoming that I feel at ease, but also so matter-of-fact that she’s easy to follow. 


Beth in teal top, black pants in Open Leg Rocker Pilates Exercise on gray mat



After moving with the Pilates Method for over 20 years I know that your practice is going to change. We can’t stay stuck to what worked well in the past or wait for our schedules to free up.

When I was going through cancer treatment I made a promise… If I recover I’m going to everything I can to be healthy AND I need to enjoy it to. Life’s too short to hate your workouts. That’s why I love Pilates. There are so many options.

And after reading Joseph Pilates book, Return to Life for the 3rd time, it clicked. Pilates really is more than a Workout. It can be a system for living life to the fullest and feeling amazing.

Start where you are. Do what you can. Make steady progress. It’s not about a quick fix, perfect body, or punishing workouts. Life’s too short. What you do today shapes your future. Embrace today!

I hope I see you on the mat soon.


Every moment of your life can be the beginning of great things.

Joseph Pilates

Want to know a little more?
Here are some random facts…

  • I said I would never own a pair of athletic shoes when I was young.
  • Most days I go to the dog park with our dog Raya. She’s a rescue, super smart and stuborn.
  • I LOVE summer, especially camping & hiking with my family.
  • I’d rather bake than cook.
  • I’m an introvert and love reading.
  • I shuttle my kids to and from sports (it’s not glamourous but it’s real).
  • And once in a while you’ll find me in my favorite spot, a warm beach.
  • Oh and here’s a gem… the first time I ever did Pilates it felt so weird I laughed, and didn’t try it again for a few years. 
Beth wearing a magenta rain jacket and backpack in front of a Colorado lake

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