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Welcome to Trifecta pilates

We’re so glad you’re here because that means you LOVE Pilates and have a passion to listen to your body and soul. Current research shows that workouts provide so much more than physical gains, including feeling better in mind and giving you more energy for the day.

You’re in the right place if you’re ready to work in alignment with what you need today. 

Whether you’re here for workouts or Pilates education, here at Trifecta Pilates we know that your day is packed with responsibilities and this can take a toll on the body.

Moving consistently with Pilates is the best way to have an effective, realistic and well-rounded workout program that you look forward to moving with. And coming from a girl who hated gym class, I know this is possible.

I’ll be your Pilates teacher, let me introduce myself. 

Beth smiling wearing purple top and blue jeans with her arms resting on her knees seated in the grass, green bush behind her.

Hi, I’m Beth – Trifecta Pilates founder.

Like a lot of moms, I had a hard time fitting in workouts, even though I knew the benefits of working out, and how good I felt when I moved consistently with Pilates. When I transitioned from working part-time in a Pilates studio to working full-time, it became more challenging to fit in workouts. That’s when I had to shed what worked well for me in the past, so I could focus on what was going to benefit in the present.

It’s about honoring our unique journey because we have different lives, desires and goals. We yearn to feel good, have the confidence that our workouts will benefit us, and find joy in our life. And I know when you don’t feel good, it’s hard to connect to happiness.

Trifecta Pilates is about taking time center yourself so that you truly support the life you love and are present  for your family.

Even though it’s a pleasure to move with longer Pilates sessions, sometimes it’s about a short 15 minute workout for the day or moving with a restorative class. Other days it’s the strength and power workouts that hit the spot. This is about your time, energy, and doing today what benefits you, which isn’t always the most intense workout.

This is taking a whole-person approach to workouts and wellness.

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Let’s take your workout program from DIY to Done for you

Choose a Pilates Workout plan that’s optimal for you. Maybe it’s:

​ Establishing a strong foundation with Pilates so that you have confidence that what you’re doing is good for you

​ Enriching your Pilates practice with a more advanced program

​ Moving with short and effective classes that fit into your day.

Check out the Trifecta Pilates Membership that meets you where you are and grows with you!

The transformation is astonishing. My body feels freer and more connected with my mind. 


Continue your pilates education with the trauma informed pilates course

This in-depth Professional Development Course gives you a framework for teaching Pilates from a whole person perspective to teach with confidence.

Before this course, there was no program to explain to me how to make classes more inclusive from a trauma-informed perspective. Now I feel more confident than ever.
















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