Trifecta Pilates brings Pilates out of the studio and into your home with effective and fun workouts.

Moving beyond a Pilates class, the Pilates Method can be a holistic approach to a healthy and happy life for body, mind and spirit. It is through aligning what you do during a workout with simple wellness strategies that you can thrive in a Pilates workout and beyond. Explore the online offerings below. 

YouTube Pilates Workouts

Effective, motivating and fun at-home Pilates Mat Workouts via YouTube with a variety classes to choose from. There is no cost for these classes. Try a workout today!

Online Pilates Membership

For people who want a consistent Pilates practice with exclusive Workout Plans, the membership offers mat-Pilates Workouts and programs not found on YouTube. It also provides additional resources and connection to support your life. Find out more information.

Continuing Education

Supporting Pilates Instructors with a continuing education course in a Trauma Informed Pilates Approach. Learn more at