A whole person approach to learning and teaching mat Pilates. 

Comprehensive, Supportive, and Personal Pilates Mat Teacher Training

100% online so you can continue to work and be with your family. The Trifecta Pilates Mat Teacher Training is a 100-hour Pilates training from the fundamentals to the advanced work.

The 100-Hour Pilates Mat Teacher Training offers:

  • An in depth study in technique, teaching methodology, and variations
  • Expert instruction and mentorship
  • An understanding of Pilates history and evolution
  • Development of your personal Pilates teaching style
  • Pilates Mat Teaching Certificate of Completion after completing all course requirements

This isn’t a fast track program, but allows time for your skills to develop so you feel confident teaching Pilates.

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Live Sessions with Beth

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Immersive & personal online training

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Complete within 6 months

100-Hour Pilates Teacher Training Curriculum


Learn anatomy and how it applies to Pilates. Including special populations such as pre-natal and osteoporosis.

Pilates philosophy

Understand the Pilates Method by learning the Core Concepts, Princples, and Pillars of Pilates.

Teaching Methodology

Learn effective teaching techniques with emphasis on empowered options and effective cues.

Pilates Training

During the program time is dedicated to your personal practice and practice teaching.

Pilates Techniques

Learn the Pilates exercises, use of small equipment, and the 4 primary styles of classes.

practicum & mentorship

You’ll hone your personal teaching style so you feel confident teaching Pilates.

Earning a Certificate of Completion

Particants will earn a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the program requirements including completing:

  • All course lectures, training, videos, and materials
  • Observation, personal practice and student teaching hours
  • Passing the final assessments


#1 Connect and Amply Your Authentic Teaching Style

The program is designed to go beyond having competence in the technique of Pilates. It’s so that you connect into your inner voice to guide your personal practice and when you teach Pilates. 

I’ll teach you techniques for this so you work in alignment with your authentic teaching style.

#2 Focus on the In-Demand Trauma Informed Care Methodology

Pilates is an exercise system in which we foster body-mind connection. There is now more understanding of the impacts of trauma on a person, body and brain.

The Trauma Informed Pilates Approach is included as part of the online Pilates training because, now more than ever before, there is a demand for movement teachers to have, understand and apply a Trauma Informed Care framework. 

#3 Business of Pilates

In my teacher training income, job, work-life balance, wasn’t discussed as part of the material, and in most training programs it’s still not. 

Trifecta Pilates is different. I’ll share my personal experience of working locally in studio’s, rec centers, gyms, universities, collaborations, out of my home, and now online. 

I’ll share my journey from struggling Pilates teacher to thriving. This includes income, boundaries, and work-life balance.

Led by the founder of Trifecta Pilates, Beth Sandlin

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20+ years of Pilates experience

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Over 95,000 subscribed on YouTube

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Health Educator & former University Professor

Pilates Teacher Training Content
  • Anatomy
  • Cardiovascular & Nervous System
  • Postural Alignment
  • The Fascia
  • History of Pilates
  • Evolution of Pilates
  • Principles of Pilates
  • Core Concepts
  • Pilates without equipment
  • Pilates with small equipment 
  • Studio inspired mat Pilates classes
  • Pilates Mat techniques
  • Effective teaching cues
  • Class sequencing
  • Group classes vs Private clients
  • Injury Management & Variations
  • Pre & Post Natal
  • Osteoporosis guidelines
  • Waivers, taxes & getting insured
  • Pilates, Money & Business
  • Authentically Teaching
  • Energy Management
Trifecta Pilates MAT Teacher Training FAQs
Who is the program for?

This online Pilates mat teacher training is for people who want to deepen their Pilates practice or become Pilates teachers specializing in mat Pilates. 

     ✔️  Aren’t looking for a quick online course but value an in-depth Pilates education.
    ✔️  Want the convenience of online training and an intimate, guided real time experience.
    ✔️  Know that Pilates is a lifelong pursuit but want a strong foundation to begin their teaching journey.

Do I have to be at a certain level in Pilates?

Being a great Pilates teacher has nothing to do with being able to do the most challenging exercises in Pilates. It is important that you have a solid personal practice with Pilates. If you enjoy Pilates and have been moving with it consistently for 1 year, this will support the training program.

Do I have to complete hours prior to the training?

There is no requirement of hours needed before the Pilates training begins. Once in the program there will be a minimum of 100 hours to take as part of successfully completing the online Pilate mat training program.

Is this a comprehensive Pilates Certification Training?

This training focuses exclusively on Pilates Mat. Although you’ll learn how to use over 16 different pieces of equipment that can be used when teaching mat Pilates, a comprehensive Pilates Certification includes the larger pieces of equipment including the reformer, cadillac, and wunda chair to name a few.

The 100-hour online Pilates mat training is specifically designed for people who want to become Pilates mat teachers or deepen their personal Pilates practice.

How long does the training program take to complete?

The first cohort will take 6 months to complete and begins in October. 

What is the cost of the program?

$1,400 USD
Payment plan available

Have an additional question?

If you have any questions prior to submitting your application, please reach out using the contact form below.

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