Pilates & Weight Loss

Scale with tap measure and apple

Written by Beth Sandlin

June 9, 2022

Rewind time to my student teaching days, okay its more like we’d have to time warp it’s been so long, but the story still applies. 

One of the first clients I had was coming to Pilates with the goal of losing weight. This isn’t a question I had run into previously and it didn’t even cross my mind as a reason someone would want to move with Pilates. I didn’t realize how often this would be asked of me, and is still asked of me to this day.

Other top questions are:

  • What exercises reduce my muffin top?
  • How do I slim my legs?
  • How do I get sculpted arms? 
  • Can Pilates help reduce cellulite?

Let’s cut to the chase. If you come across a Pilates teacher or workout video that claims that you’ll burn x amount of calories or has exercises to “reduce a muffin top”, run in the opposite direction. (side note: this would be a great way to get the heart rate up because these videos are prevalent.)

There are two reasons I can think of why someone would claim a Pilates workout alone can help with weight loss or one of the above questions.

  1. They honestly think this, in which their training is seriously lacking.
  2. They are using clever, toxic, shaming or harmful marketing strategies.

In either case, I steer clear of teachers who use this language. Because there are so many amazing Pilates teachers who have quality training and understand and teach to the true benefits of Pilates. They lift you up and support you where you are.

When we shed what is trending as the ideal weight, or what’s claimed to be a healthy physique, we can focus on what works for us. We can tap into a sustainable workout and wellness program that works for us as an individual. And this can change as we continue to make adjustments. 

If you want to watch a more detailed explanation of Pilates and Weight Loss, have a brief overview of different factors that influence body composition, and positive affirmations to be kind to your body, watch the video linked above.

Key Points in this video: 

  • Focusing just on weight loss can lead us down a path to focus on one type of Pilates workout, which isn’t ideal for the body.
  • So many people claim that weight is 80% nutrition and 20% workouts. This is false, there are many different aspects of body composition and we review some in the video.
  • Positive affirmations to work with your body.

If the video is helpful, give it a thumbs up and maybe even drop a comment with your favorite part of the talk.

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