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Written by Beth Sandlin

March 12, 2021

Hi my name is Beth Sandlin and I’m the founder of Trifecta Pilates.

One of the unique aspects of Trifecta Pilates is that it’s online by choice as a way to make the classes and offerings more accessible to people. Trifecta Pilates offers a Trauma Informed Continuing Education Course for Pilates Teachers and mat Pilates classes for people who enjoy moving with Pilates at-home.

For Pilates Teachers

Having experience as a health educator and a Pilates teacher, and a desire to support Pilates teachers, the Trauma Informed Pilates Approach (TIPA) course first opened in 2019. I had seen how a Trauma Informed framework was used and applied in Yoga and many other settings. For years I was waiting for a course to be offered specifically for Pilates teachers and continued to read books and take coursework in trauma. All of this knowledge positively impacted how I taught Pilates.

Trauma can have an impact on the brain, body, and mind. Every one works with people who have experienced trauma whether they realize it or not. And if Oprah says understanding trauma had a profound shift for how she works with people, think of how powerful this is when applied to a Pilates session!

More Information about my Journey to Trauma Informed

When I left the Pilates studio in 2012 to pursue work as a Health Educator and Mind Body Fitness Coordinator (eventually promoted to Assistant Director of Educational Services), I had no idea how much this would impact how I teach Pilates. From this point on I began tapping into learning, collaborations and education outside of typical Pilates studio conversations and continuing education.

This included collaborating with different offices such as the LGTBQ Student Resource Center and the Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Professional development included workshops on Microaggressions, Health Equity and Harm Reduction strategies. Eventually I taught Peer Health Education Courses through a Trauma Informed perspective while incorporating education around Power, Privilege and Oppression.


  • While working with the Interpersonal Violence office, I realized the challenges that many survivors experience in their everyday life.  
  • Once I researched trauma more fully I learned how there were many different types of trauma and how prevalent trauma is. This shifted what would be offered as part of the Trauma Informed course.
  • As I gained knowledge of trauma and the impacts of trauma, my best practices began to change which positively impacted how people moved with Pilates.
  • The Trauma Informed Pilates Approach Course was first available in 2019, took 1 year to create and is the cumulation of the years of work I did beyond that 1 year.
  • My educational and experiential background in Pilates and Health Education influenced the Course ensuring it covers more than the mechanics of Pilates.
  • An aspect of a Trauma Informed Approach is centering choice. Because of this, how each Pilates teacher uses the information and course will vary depending upon the setting in which they work.

For Pilates Movers

Trifecta Pilates was born with the mission to offer an online movement experience with studio quality Pilates. Even when I solely worked in a Pilates studio, I primarily worked out at home because it was easier to fit into my schedule. Once I began working outside of the studio, home workouts were even more necessary.

I had considered opening a brick and mortar studio many times since I became certified to teach in 2004 and I was looking into this again in 2015. I put the brakes on when I made the connection that I’ve always primarily worked out at home, I enjoy teaching Pilates outside of the studio, and a lot of people would benefit from moving with Pilates at home compared to the studio experience.

At the time, the Pilates classes I taught followed the academic calendar and were not offered year round. Many people wanted to continue taking classes and kept asking me to post classes to YouTube. My thought was to refer people to YouTube Channels as a way to keep the work accessible. When I turned to YouTube I was able to find a plethora of Yoga Classes and Channels that felt like the real deal. With Pilates classes what I primarily found were VERY challenging and fast paced workouts oftentimes to a heavy beat of music, and many times with people who were not even certified to teach Pilates. Although Pilates can be challenging and fast, it felt far removed from the type of classes people have access to when they go to a Pilates Studio. So in late 2016 I began to offer mat Pilates classes on YouTube.

As the Trifecta Pilates YouTube Channel started to grow, people reached out to me for longer classes and more structure. There was an opportunity to dive deeper into the method and to move with Pilates more holistically. That’s when the Membership Experience was born in early 2019.

It combined my background in Pilates, health education and health coaching for the next level experience for people who enjoy Trifecta Pilates classes. 

How each person moves with the membership is a little different based upon their goals. Some people focus on the Workout Calendars, others the Workout Programs, and some people do their own thing! Some people stick to the workouts, others branch out and explore the extra perks like downloadable audio sessions, recipes and live opportunities.

Regardless of whether people move with Trifecta Pilates via YouTube or the membership, I enjoy meeting people where they’re at. I’ll always encourage you to move with Pilates in a way that’s best for you, and that doesn’t always mean the hardest class!

More About Me: 

I began Pilates as an academic course in College shortly after my inpatient treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Pilates allowed me to have challenging workouts on days I had high energy, and more supportive workouts on low energy days.

I was pursuing a degree in Health Education and my mentor, Karen Clippenger suggested I also become certified to teach Pilates. It was at California State University, Long Beach that I completed my BASI Comprehensive Pilates Certification with both Karen and Rael Iscowitz.

Upon graduating I moved to Colorado where I now reside with my husband. We have two children, love to camp and are all introverts. So when I’m not teaching online you’ll most likely find me at home with a book, baking, trying to garden in the summer months or down in my basement Pilates studio.

I believe in connection and supporting people where they’re at in their Pilates Journey. Every person has a unique blend of education and experience that combine together to shape where they are in their Pilates and life journey.

Summary of Credentials:

  • Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT)
  • Founder of Trifecta Pilates
  • Bachelors of Science Degree in Health Education: 2003
  • Pilates Certification through BASI Pilates: 2004
  • Administrator Metropolitan State University of Denver: 2011-2020 – Mind Body Fitness Coordinator, Health Education Coordinator, Assistant Director of Educational Services:
  • Adjunct Professor Metropolitan State University of Denver: 2015-2020 – teaching Pilates and Peer Health Exchange classes
  • Health Coaching Certification: 2016
  • 200-Hour Yoga Certification: 2017
  • Group Fit Certification: 2020

If you choose to move with me via the TIPA Course, the Membership, or YouTube, I’m so honored to be part of your Pilates Path.

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn more about me and Trifecta Pilates.

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