Taking a break from Social Media as an Online Pilates Teacher

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Written by Beth Sandlin

January 25, 2021

It was time to take a break. I had been thinking about it for months and kept dragging my heels. Should I do this, especially since the business is 100% online? I knew that stepping away is how you can lean in. And I did disengage from social media years ago, long before Trifecta Pilates, it actually gave me clarity to start the business.

So I took the plunge and went “offline”. To be honest I couldn’t go completely offline. it was a full break from Instagram, partial from facebook, and less so from YouTube. (With a 100% online business, a social media break is a little more challenging than when I took one years ago.) 

In ditching as much social media as I could, I became crystal clear on how I want to show up and let me tell you, I’m not an influencer. Even after people kept trying to push that label on me and my business. When I took a step back, I realized with confident clarity that influencing is not the business I want to be in and is not what I do.

I don’t want to influence, my job is to help you make empowered choices so you can take Aligned Action.

Many people in the online marketing space will say I’m doing it all wrong. I need to talk about one thing, one way and be very specific. That’s not Pilates. 

You could argue that my one thing is Pilates, but I’m told that’s not specific enough. In order to be “successful” I need to serve a population (age, gender identity, the list goes on). I also need to solve one very specific concern. I say no. 

I teach Pilates and I have been teaching since 2004. I have worked with clients from age 12 to over 70. Pilates can work for you no matter your age. I’ve worked with clients who used it for sports conditioning, general physical fitness, recovery from a surgery, the list goes on and on. Pilates works as long as you move with the method and do what you need right now.

Yes, Pilates has always been about a specific way to exercise and the equipment is unique. It feels different from Yoga, Tai Chi, HIIT and the plethora of other types of physical fitness available. 

The value of Pilates is that it’s highly customizable. Pilates meets you where you’re at, as long as you’re willing to work with the method. It will grow with you and support you when you get injured or don’t feel well. It can be hard, easy and everything in between.

This is what a comprehensive Pilates certification, which has hundreds of total hours of education, observation and student teaching hours, covers. Even with all of this Pilates teachers continue to take continuing education courses and learn from the art of teaching. This helps the Pilates teacher make educated and informed choices with their clients.

And although I believe that Pilates is valuable for everybody, Pilates is not for everyone. It takes an incredible amount of ownership so you can do what’s best for you and evolve with the system. If you want to get it right and always push hard, that’s only going to take you so far with the method. Pilates is a system and not one exercise or workout. 

For movers of Pilates, there are many ways you can move with one particular exercise depending upon your goals, fitness level, strength, mobility and flexibility. This customization takes time to learn.

My job as a Pilates teacher is to teach Pilates in a way that’s authentic to the method, supports you where you’re at and gives you the information, workouts, programs and training so you can thrive with Pilates and beyond.

It isn’t a quick fix. Give it time. And if you’re coming to Pilates for a quick fix or sculpted abs, I’m not your teacher, hop on over to an Influencer account.

I’m here to teach the Pilates Method to people who are interested, willing and invested in their personal growth. I work with people who are brand new to Pilates to those who have been moving with it for over 20 years.

I’m here to offer continuing education to Pilates teachers on how to be more supportive and  inclusive using a Trauma Informed Approach because at the end of the day trauma is woven into our world. We are now at a place where we understand the impacts of trauma on body, brain, mind and spirit and this information can radically support a Pilates teacher and their clients. 

I’m here to meet you where you are, support you on your journey with Pilates and as a beautiful human being. 

It’s my commitment that I will continue to teach, elevate and connect with Social Media in a way that is uplifting for me and my hopes are uplifting for you.

And with this clarity, I am ready to be back on the socials as a Pilates Teacher not an Influencer.

See you back on the socials!
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Trauma Informed Pilates Instagram

Lessons Learned from my time away from Instagram

  • Take intentional breaks whether it be from social media or exercising
  • The people who enjoy working with you, value that you “walk the talk”.
  • Block intentional time out of your schedule to engage with things that bring you joy and value to your life. (Pilates, chats with friends, and yes, this can even be social media!

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