New Year, New You Mantra

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Written by Beth Sandlin

January 6, 2022

We are starting to detach from unrealistic expectations for the New Year. But honestly, it’s not only the New Year that can offer false hope. 

Whether it’s moving with Pilates, a wellness habit or business goals, it’s so easy to expect too much too soon. 

This post is a mix of reflection over my years as a Pilates teacher along with what to do with this information.  

With Pilates, progress takes time

After 20 years, there are some exercises that still seem elusive. Now that I’m in my 40’s, often sitting at a desk during the day, my body feels different compared to when I was working in a Pilates studio at the age of 25. 

My goals with Pilates were never to lose weight or tone up. Can workouts contribute to body composition? Of course. Can you get stronger with Pilates? Yes! But Pilates offers so much more than that. So many people begin Pilates for one reason and it morphs into supporting their life far beyond they ever imagined. But it takes time to discover this. 

Wellness Evolves

The wellness habits that I have now, have been a long time in the making. Here’s an example going back to my college years. I would throw in frozen veggies (legit, the peas and carrots mix) into my spaghetti sauce as a way to get more vegetables in. Now I’m vegan(ish) only because it works for me and because I’ve made small changes for a long time. This works for me right now, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to benefit everyone or even be my reality in the future. 

For both Pilates and overall Wellness, I’m looking forward to where I’ll be in another 20 years. My Pilates practice and wellness habits will be different. Not necessarily better, just different. 

Our knowledge of health and wellness has evolved, it will continue to change. So I’m open to doing what has always worked while being open for changes in the future based upon the research and what works for me. 

Transcend to the Business of Pilates

Most often as a Pilates teacher we aren’t given skills to help us thrive as teachers or business owners. We are taught to be a Pilates Instructor. That’s a good start but we need more. 

I needed to take continuing education classes in Pilates. I needed to experience the movement of Pilates when I felt amazing and when I was in recovery. This is a lifelong journey.

And yet there’s so much more. To transition from teacher to business owner, let alone online business owner there are new skills you need. 

Lighting, Cameras, Mics, Email Lists, Graphic Design, Marketing, Taxes, Effective Communication and the long list goes on. 

There was a lot of trial and error, there still is. There were additional courses I took beyond Pilates specific training and will continue to be. 

To end 2021, I slowed down and reflected upon the past year. I evaluated what worked well and what didn’t. 

From there I came up with intentions for 2022 that work for all aspects of my personal and professional life. These are:

Ease and Consistency

The Integration of Intention and Intuition. 


EASE Whether it’s with a workout or business, sometimes we push in all the ways that push us back. Focusing on ease can help you refocus your energy to where it matters the most. 

CONSISTENCY It doesn’t have to be nonstop or exactly the same to be consistent. It’s not sexy or exciting, but it’s what supports today and shapes tomorrow. 

INTENTION The intention of setting goals and following a plan. But it must include:

INTUITION This is knowing when to adapt so that you can continue to be consistent and move with ease. This can be shifting priorities or even changing the intention. 

INTEGRATION It’s the blending of being intentional with following your divine intuition that will lead to peace, security and joy. 

This is where I’m at personally and professionally. As always, take what works and leave behind what doesn’t resonate. 

And to do this yourself, 

  1. First reflect. You can divide this into Pilates, Personal or Professional, or any other system that works for you.
  2. From this, focus on what went well. For the week, month, year, or even further back.
  3. And ask yourself what didn’t work. What are the opportunities for growth. It’s combining what you want to continue with and how you can make adjustments so that you can come up with your own goals, vision, words, intentions or intentions.
  4. And the last aspect is give it time and adjust as needed.

Here’s to a New Year and moving in alignment with the energy, efforts and ease that are just right for you!

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